About Us


Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to feel confident and look their best. And to further define our passion – we proudly support the "EVERY MOTHER COUNTS" Foundation.

Our Brand Statement

We offer organic skincare products, naturally crafted to improve your well-being and enhance your inner beauty – at an affordable price.

Our skincare collection brings radiance to your skin and nurtures confidence within, at an affordable price. We are skincare experts – with natural solutions for psoriasis, rosacea and dark spots. Crafted with natural, organic ingredients – 100% vegan, free from parabens, harsh chemicals and toxins and made in the USA. Our company is founded by an animal-loving mom, who wants to spread awareness that women can care for their skin and their well-being in a natural, healthy way. To further define our passion – we proudly support the National Psoriasis Foundation, the Rosacea Foundation and the Acne Foundation.


Our Story

Our story started with my daughter, Jennifer, a beautiful, talented, caring young girl, full of energy and a heart filled with love. But she suffered from Scalp Psoriasis, and it was eating away at her confidence. She began to withdrawal socially. As a mother it was tortuous to see her so emotionally pained by the skin condition, that I devoted countless hours searching for a solution. One cream a dermatologist prescribed caused her scalp to bruise and bleed. Upon further examination of the label, I was appalled read the cream contained a long list of ingredients that I had never heard of. My daughter was suffering, and I was determined to find a more natural, holistic solution. And so Embrace Beauty was born.