Born out of necessity after my husband and I were laid off, selling physical products online using several platforms started. Our e-commerce store was born. Prior to laid off, we had a car accident and I was 3 months pregnant to our youngest child. By the Grace of God the baby was absolutely perfect even after our car was T-bone and totalled by an illegal immigrant. My husband suffered from a brain injury and cannot function properly on his work, then the company laid him off. I was laid off as well while I was pregnant. Life was tough financially until I strive and work hard to find how to make money from the comfort of our home without worrying that someone will laid us off.


The reason why we are here if we love serving, helping and taking care of others. We have a topnotch customer service to answer questions and emails. Our store is managed our family and a few employees. We are here to help people by extending a discount from a fraction of a price by passing our savings to our customers through buying bulk from our supplier, manufacturers and distributors. We only carry authentic and very non harmful products to our customers.